LIVING BETTER (Volume 1) - Video Download

LIVING BETTER (Volume 1) - Video Download
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Every woman has great value and a unique purpose! Living Better will help each woman discover and develop her ability to be a strong and competent contributor to her world and the lives of others.

Living Better is a multi-volume DVD study series created by Real Women of the 21st Century. Through discussion-based sessions, strong relationships between women will be fostered, leading them toward fulfilling their greatest potential.

Volume 1 includes 18 sessions—approximately 20-25 minutes per session.

This digital product is meant exclusively for your personal use or within your small group. This download is yours to keep and can be downloaded on up to 2 of your devices. Loyalty discounts DO NOT apply to digital purchases. Digital purchases do not count toward purchase history. Workbooks are not included in digital purchases.

Each woman participating in this study will need a Living Better (Volume 1) workbook in order to maximize the learning experience. Order your workbooks here.

This is a download version of a 3-disc DVD set.

This bundle contains the following products:

LIVING BETTER (Volume 1) - DVD 1 LIVING BETTER (Volume 1) - DVD 1
LIVING BETTER (Volume 1) - DVD 2 LIVING BETTER (Volume 1) - DVD 2
LIVING BETTER (Volume 1) - DVD 3 LIVING BETTER (Volume 1) - DVD 3
LIVING BETTER (Volume 1) - DVD 4 LIVING BETTER (Volume 1) - DVD 4