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Every woman has great value and a unique purpose. Living Better will help each woman discover and develop her ability to be a strong and competent contributor to her world and the lives of others.
Volume 2 continues this powerful and motivating discussion-based video series. Through self-disclosing lessons, women will continue to foster support and encouragement together, progress on their journey toward fulfilling their greatest potential.

We'll talk about:
• Building a strong identity and staying true to it.
• Maintaining a positive, joyful attitude toward life.
• Asking for God's peace to help us stay organized, focused and at our best.

The second volume of the Living Better package includes:
• 18 DVD lessons
• one leader’s workbook
• personal coaching and support

Volume 2 includes 18 sessions—approximately 20-25 minutes per session.

This bundle contains the following products:

LIVING BETTER (Volume 2) - DVD 1 LIVING BETTER (Volume 2) - DVD 1
LIVING BETTER (Volume 2) - DVD 2 LIVING BETTER (Volume 2) - DVD 2
LIVING BETTER (Volume 2) - DVD 3 LIVING BETTER (Volume 2) - DVD 3
LIVING BETTER (Volume 2) - DVD 4 LIVING BETTER (Volume 2) - DVD 4